This is not another poem about you but

we were never in sync

you fell asleep too early and i fell asleep too late you 

slept with a fan on, the radio on

i was always cold and in need of the sound gone 


i spent the weekend with you in that empty apartment we

pulled the air mattress into the living room, 

sleeping on the floor tangled together too close for comfort 

i need space when i sleep, suffered 


you slept on top of me but i didn’t care with you,

i liked your snoring in my ear and your arms wrapped too tight,

like a safety jacket around me 



and i sometimes still think of you when i’m trying to fall asleep

and i hate that i loved you, still love you, will always think the best of

you disappeared from my life like your blue texts did from my phone

and i mailed that book back but it sits in the dead-mail room of the post office with no closure.