BANKS · 19 September 2019 · Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland


Fuck With Myself
Gemini Feed
Waiting Game
This is What It Feels Like
Mind Games
Crowded Places
Beggin For Thread
27 Hours · Encore · 


Day-of, I was annoyed that Justin wanted to get to the venue literally hours before the concert, but following seeing BANKS, I can say that she is worth waiting for. While her songs contain deeply personal material, her love for her fans comes through when she points the mic at the crowd, smiling. Even though we spent a few hours exploring "Art Town KC," we still were able to stand at the barricade. Her voice soared over the electronic track, as she completely captivated the audience. I would include highlights track favorites, but every single song was better than the last.  

Open up your eyes
There’s nothing of my body left to see
I tried a thousand times
I tried to say I love you but you didn’t hear me
And you’re passive aggressive
Convince me other people they don’t care about me
— BANKS, Gemini Feed